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✖ About Me ✖

Jaime | 17 [1/18/98] | ♑ | Taken <3

You can call me Jaime or Bleach, whatever works for you~ I'm a big fan of Hellsing Ultimate, Harley Quinn, Deadpool, Batman, Marvel(Iron Man, Thor, etc.), Homestuck, Adventure Time, Warhammer 40K, Pokemon, Magic, Left 4 Dead 2, Minecraft, Sharpies, pens, writing, fanfiction, fiction, My Little Pony.

I'm relatively obsessed with Hellsing Ultimate, along side it's abridged series on Youtube. I'd have to say Pip Bernadotte and Seras Victoria are my Ultimate ( ;D ) OTP for Hellsing~ They're my bbys~ <3


[Known As; BleachTheNight | Bleachmegafan809 | BMF809 | BleachFan809 | Bleach | Polar-Smelting ]
Pokemon X & Y Friend Code Info:
- Name: Jaime
- Code: 5112-4148-4594
*You have to tell me who you are on your 3Ds and your Friend Code as well*

✖ Dear, Matt ✖

[ May 23rd, 2013 ]

I love you <3 You don't know how happy I've been since you came into my life. I know I'm rough at times and I snap, but I never truly mean it. I could never hurt you. Not now, not ever. I love you too much to even think of it. I don't want anyone else. I only want you. You're my one true love. You & I are my true OTP. <3
We watch anime together, Supernatural, horror movies, talk about Homestuck , Take pictures(More you not knowing than knowing), almost everything. You're my baby & I'm your babu. You're my knight. I'm your princess. You're my king, I'm your queen. You're my wolf, I'm your pup. You're my Alpha, I'm your Alpha female. I'll be your Angel, if you be my Devil. I'll be your Ciel, if you'll be my Sebastian. I'll be you Seras, if you'll be my Pip.
You're my husband, I'm your wife. I'll be your pet, if you be my master. >;3
But it's only if you want me to be. And it's like you tell me; you want me to be.
And I want you to be my everything. I may not seem as protective as I say I am, but that's because I'm shy and I've never felt this much love for anyone else before in my life(Well, maybe my sister, but she's family). I love you, Matt. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you and I know you feel the same.
And I know, we've had our moments where I’ll scare you by accident and with no intention, or I’ll upset you without knowing and feel like shit and apologize a split second later; hugging and kissing you until you smile. And we've also had weird occurrences where we’ll do the same thing, or for instance, wear the same thing. It’s kind of odd, yes. But I guess you could say it shows how deep of a bond we have.
And I love it. (:
And I honestly can't wait to spend the rest f my life with you.
[As of 5:00 PM, May 23, 2014; We have been dating for a year. I am so happy, I just hope we go for many, many more years. I love you babe~ ♥ ]
I love you baby. <3
~ BleachTheNight
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✖ Groups ✖

:iconthe-brightest-shadow: | The-Brightest-Shadow

Caelu | Air Elemental | North - Hunter | RP Tracker

Aria | Earth Elemental | North - Searcher Rookie | RP Tracker |

Should I change my Username to my Tumblr name? Or a variant of it? 

2 deviants said Don't change it~
1 deviant said P0l4r-Sm3lting
No deviants said Polar-Smelting
No deviants said PolarSmelting
No deviants said polarsmelting
No deviants said polar-smelting
No deviants said P0l4rSm3lting
No deviants said Something else? (I want it to be related to fire and ice- which is why I choose Polar(Polar ice caps) and Smelting (creation of items with red hot metals, etc.)


Mar 5, 2015
8:19 am
Mar 4, 2015
9:49 pm
Mar 4, 2015
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Mar 4, 2015
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Mar 3, 2015
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Mon Mar 2, 2015, 7:42 PM

Who's ready for it?!?!? ME!!!!! Er.... Well... Not really.
I don't have an Xbox One, but thank god it's available for PC. I do want it for Xbox One so I can play with Matt, but it'll be a while. Maybe a Christmas/Birthday Gifty. I don't know... Ah well.

Who else wants to play Evolve? What would you play as- both monster or human.

✖ Da Family ✖

Mother |
Father |
Sister(s) | DemonfoxKyubi
Brother(s) |
Husband | medicmatt17

Wanna join? Comment on my page, or send me a note as to what you want to be~! :3

✖ There! I took the shot! ✖

Alucard: [speaking through Telepathy, because Black Magic.] Hey, Police Girl, do you have the target?
Police Girl: OK, master, my name is Seras. And yes, I have the target in sight.
Alucard: [through Telepathy, still] Well, better take the shot, you're letting her get away.
Police Girl: If you just give me a second to concentrate I could--
Alucard: [appears standing behind Seras] She's getting away, she's running!
Police Girl: [eyes glow red] I get it I'm lining up the--
Alucard: Going to miss it! Going to miss it!
Police Girl: Just be quiet and let me--
Alucard: Hey, Police Girl! Hey! Hey, Police Girl!
Police Girl: [fires the sniper rifle and kills Bella] There! I took the fucking shot! She’s dead, there’s blood everywhere!
Alucard: Oh, you are just a treat." - Hellsing Ultimate Abridged - Episode One.

Sir Integra: Dozens of noise complaints...
[cut scene to Police Girl and Alucard blasting Nobody by Skindred]
Alucard: Sorry! I can't hear you!
Sir Integra: Killing at least a dozen innocent people...
Alucard: Oh, so did Anthony Hopkins, and he got a fucking Oscar for it!
Sir Integra: And, all of the sexual harassment.
Alucard: ... I'm not apologizing.
Sir Integra: Listen, I know this is asking a lot, but...
Alucard: But...
Sir Integra: I want you to keep yourself locked in the basement until all of them are gone.
Alucard: I get the distinct impression you're embarrassed of me.
Sir Integra: Alucard...
Alucard: I'm gonna go with no...
Sir Integra: This is important, and I don't need you causing another scene.
Alucard: I don't have to take this. I'm going for a walk.
Sir Integra: No you don't!
Alucard: Oh, what are you going to do? Grab that guy who can stop me? What was his name...? Michael McDoesn't-exist?" - Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 2

✖ No, Thank You! ✖

Hello! Hello!
If you're here to say thanks for favoriting an image, or watching you, you don't have to if you don't want to. You are always welcome~ (I do hope this doesn't come off in a rude way, or something. ;w; ) It is ok if you do, I don't mind. I just don't want to take up your time~

I hope you have a wonderful day!

~ BleachTheNight


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